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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology in SCADA data analysis of solar power plants

Renewable Energy

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been involved in many different fields because of its importance. However, the definition of this term is very vague. We can generally understand that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that makes and makes decisions based on information and information independently in relation to established goals. AI uses the tools of Machine Learning and intelligent behavior automation to analyze and make decisions with high probability.

In the renewable energy industry, particularly in the field of solar power, artificial intelligence has contributed a large part to the operation and management of solar power plants.

Over time, due to continuous operation, a solar power plant will experience periods of failure to achieve the desired performance due to problems with panels, strings, and string combiner boxes, cable…

Every day, the plant technicians will monitor the current data, the operation of the strings, they can find out the strings that are no longer working. Every week, the technical team will inspect the panels visually to detect the most basic defects such as cracks in the panels, leaves and dust covering the panels. But a solar plant has hundreds, thousands of solar panels, solar modules, daily input and output data of the SCADA system is not a small number, people without the help of raw machines. Can you handle it all?

In the first 1-2 years when the new factory comes into operation, defects may not appear and the plant’s performance is still guaranteed. However, like any machine, the continuous operation will cause the plant to develop errors that cannot be detected by the human eye and senses.

At this time, one of the solutions that factory owners, technical experts think about is to use drones combined with thermal imaging cameras to detect abnormalities such as hot spots, performance strings.

However these heat findings are just the tip of the iceberg, the root of the problem may lie elsewhere. If the correct solution cannot be found to fix the errors, the plant’s performance will affected.

Using AI technology is a big plus in improving plant efficiency. By gathering plant area map information, creating software to receive the amount of current data from the SCADA system for one or more months combined with the thermal image taken with a drone, AI technology will analyze and synthesize, helps to find the root of the problem. Then, analysts will give an effective remedy for the factory.

Veneria Energy in conjunction with AVA ASIA Singapore uses AI PV360 technology to help solar power plants detect defects at strings, combiner boxes, solar panels, cables. We also provide remedial solutions to increase your plant’s efficiency.

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