“We provide autonomous drone data analytics solution of solar PV plants with high efficiency, reducing cost and save time. Our services include using autonomous drone to conduct inspection, process & analyze data collected by the visual and thermal sensors”

What we bring to you:

  • 1. Cost saving:
    Our service costs only a fraction of the usual survey methods, while generating more valuable survey data and reports for a wide range of applications.
  • 2. Reports in minutes instead of days:
    Unlike traditional methods, our surveys take minutes to collect data and just a few hours to process and provide clients with valuable and timely reports. We can also provide real-time mapping if needed.
  • 3. Overview, visualized data:
    We use computer vision, machine learning algorithms for mapping and picture generation. With our overview data and mapping solution, you can quickly see work progress, identify issues such as cracks, leaks, damages and mismatches between design and built.
  • 4. Safety:
    Your team no longer has to climb roofs or walk kilometers just to collect scattered data. With drones, we can help you safely inspect dangerous or difficult-to-access areas.
  • 5. Added value:
    Collected data, including videos and photos, are yours. This not only serves your inspection and monitoring work as intended, but can also be used for communications and media production such as video clips, time-lapse of your construction work, presentation of your projects etc.


Autonomous Drone Inspection

Data analytic system with full PV and Al technology

We believe that we can make it smooth and affordable for solar companies to adopt thermal drone technology as a tool to increase performance, reduce costs, and standardize & compare solar PV assets across a portfolio. Our artificial intelligence (AI) software helps teams convert drone and asset data into accurate, high-value system analytics and reports. We work with portfolio owners, asset managers, O&M providers, EPC contractors, and independent engineers to identify and localize anomalies that affect energy production.